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Ehost is a web hosting company operating its online business since 1998. The company is based in Houston, Texas and also claims the hosting of over one million websites. Ehost provides cpanel based shared hosting with standard offer of free domain and also some additional features like free Website builder which allows you to create a website with simple drag and drop.

Although the company is playing in the Web Hosting market from 20 years, they are not that much popular like Bluehost, Hostgator etc.

Ehost provides the simple interface which is very much comfortable for the newbies. Ehost lays keen attention to their Website Builder which have 1000+ templates. Initially, ehost was providing vdeck based hosting but all other companies providing cPanel based web hosting which is much better Control Panel than vdeck. With the changing trend, in 2015 ehost renovate their website layout and also updated to cPanel.

What ehost offers?

There are some of the features of ehost which you would not get in every web hosting. These are:

Website Builder: This feature is perfect for newbies or the person who don’t know nothing about php, CSS coding. Ehost provides free Website Builder which allows you to create your dream website with simple drag and drop. You can add images, galleries, slideshow, contact forms etc. You can also publish content and take a preview. You can make any changes you want to make using Website Builder.

Free marketing Credits:  ehost also provides you free Bing/Yahoo Credits worth $100 for advertisement purposes and to boost the newly created website traffic..You would also get $100 Google Adword Bonus. This is good deal as it is very important to drive the traffic on a newly website.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee: Ehost provides you enough time to get satisfy with the services provided by ehost. You have 30 Days to get satisfied but if you are not satisfy with the ehost service, you can get your money back within 30 Days.


Affordable Plans: Ehost provides very affordable web hosting starting from $2.75 Monthly which includes a domain name and other services which are required to start a new website.

cPanel Hosting: Ehost provides cPanel based hosting which allows you to control your base of the website You can install custom scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento. You can create your own custom email address for more professionalism. With easy clicks you can perform many functions for your website.

Features of Ehost

Unlimited Storage: This is very important because you don’t need to worry about the storage. You can add as much content as you want because eHost provides you unlimited storage.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Another good feature of eHot is the unlimited Bandwidth. This feature is normally provided in premium plans by other Web hosting Companies. So, a good reason to buy ehost web hosting.

Thousand+ templates: As already mentioned above, ehost provides free website builder which allows you to build your website with simple drag and drop. eHost provides you thousand+ template to choose from. You can choose any of the templates according to your website’s requirement. The good thing is, it’s absolutely FREE.

E-Commerce Compatible Hosting: If you are creating a website to sell products, you can create it on ehost. Ehost supports the e-commerce website in which you create your online store and provides you choice of cart. Moreover, you can integrate PayPal account with your website. The e-commerce websites are mobile phone optimized. So no worry of optimization for mobile devices.

Sending & Receiving Mail: Ehost also provides sending and receiving of email straight from your cPanel. You can access to your Webmail online or you can add another mail services which is provided on cPanel. Moreover, you can forwarder through which you can add additional email where you would receive a copy of mail. Ehost also provides spam filters. Good thing about is, these all services are free to access.

24×7 Customer Support: If you are setting up the website for the very first time, then customer support going to be very beneficial for you. As, eHost provides 24×7 customer support via Phone, Chat and e-mail. Moreover, you can also see ehost’s step by Step tutorial.

Website/Traffic Reporting: eHost provides the website and traffic reporting which helps in monitoring the website performance and to make future plans for the website. Ehost also provides cloud storage upto 1GB.

These are some of the features provided by ehost web hosting. Some of them are not provided on other web hosting like site builder and some are provided in the premium plans. But in ehost, these all features are provided free and in affordable price.

Why eHost is not for everyone?

Ehost is a good web hosting company which do provides good features in very affordable price. But, ehost is not for everyone ordering cialis online. The reason being, Ehost only provides shared hosting which is good for beginner or newbie who wants to start its small online business or suitable for those websites which has a low-medium amount of traffic. With the passage of time, When your what is cialis used for business would expand and when there is good amount of traffic on your website, you may feel the requirement of VPS or Dedicated Server. In that case, you have to shift to another web host as eHost do not provide Dedicated Server.

Final Words: Is Ehost Good or Bad?

You cannot deny the fact that Ehost do provide some of the additional features which other web hosting companies don’t or provides in their premium plan but on the same time it only provides Shared Hosting which is not suitable for the website having a large amount of traffic. But if you are a beginner who just entered in the online world. Ehost is a good option for you. With Sitebuilder, you can create your dream websites by choosing required template from over thousands of templates absolutely free order cialis online .

Moreover, the uptime of the ehost is 100 on WordPress with 593 ms of response time which indeed are the good numbers for any web hosting. Moreover, installing custom scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, phBB etc. on ehost is very easy. You can install any of the script using cPanel. Along with that, cPanel also provides you couple of other great options.

But if you already have a website with large amount of traffic, ehost is not a good idea. You better Go with Bluehost, DreamHost etc. which also provides Dedicated Servers or VPS. Ehost is good for those websites only which have low to medium amount of traffic. Ehost is not made to handle heavy traffic.

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